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Lenoir Hanry Letter to Gospel Tidings Januray 2011


It is indeed my pleasure to write about some of the work in Mexico that is doing quite well.

In Moroleon, Bro. Roberto Lara and Bro. Martin are doing really wonderful things with the congregation. Roberto teaches English one
night a week to those in the congregation who want to learn, and there are quite a few who do. He is also an Elder/Evangelist, and works with
the church daily. Roberto receives $150.00 a month from the Mexico Mission Fund and a small amount from Social Security. Roberto is 67
years old.

Martin is an Elder and Evangelist. He is the son-in-law of Roberto Lara. Martin also teaches the men one night a week. Both Martin and Roberto preach and work with the Moroleon congregation. Martin also has a secular job at a restaurant, where he has four different duties. His maintenance job starts at 10:00 AM untill 2:00 PM, then he works as a waiter from 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM. He is the entertainer at the restaurant where he sings and plays the guitar from 9:00 PM. to 11:00 PM. His last duty at the restaurant is to cleanup from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM. Occasionally he also handles outside catering duties for the restaurant. Martin is about 42 years of age and is very zealous for the church. He has a great interest to do more church work but due to the restraints of his full time job that is not possible. Martin is self-supported earning around $850.00 a month with his duties at the restaurant. His dream is to eventually do full time gospel work. He was a graduate of our School of Evangelism in Salamanca. Martin is very proficient in English and a very dedicated worker in the church.


There are two congregations in Morelia: North and South. Morelia is a very large city and both churches are well established. Bro. Fransisco
Torres ministers at Morelia South and receives full support from the Mexico Mission Fund. Bro. David Garcia leads Morelia North. David is a welder and has his own shop and business. He receives $100.00 a month from the Mission Fund.

Bro. David is also a graduate of our School of Evangelism. He started the congregation in his own home. With a growing congregation David
eventually added on to his home and has now run out of room again. On the last three trips we looked at some lots on which we could build a
new church building, At the current market rate lots large enough for a church are running between $30,000 to $40.000, not counting the cost of construction. On our very last trip we looked at a house with a concrete back yard and a brick wall around the property. The bricked back yard has approximately 2,000 sq. ft.. The house itself is not large enough to provide an adequate meeting place for the church, but it could be rented out to bring in extra income or used by the church for other needs. We have thought of purchasing this and putting a roof over the back yard area with it providing a large meeting room. The estimate for closing in the roof is $30,000. This property is listed at $52,000. David has been in contact with the owner who lives in Mexico City. The owner is asking for half the money down and then three payments of $8,200.

The Mexico Mission Board thinks this will be the most efficient and economical way to assist David Garcia and his congregation. A new
building and lot would cost around $130,000 whereas the house project could possibly be completed for about $82,000 in this middle class
neighborhood. We are needing to raise the money for this project before the home is sold to someone else. If we are able to purchase this land it would be a great blessing to that congregation, along with the added blessing of having the new church building very close to the current
church location at David's home.


If time and space would allow much could be said about other very good works in Mexico. I will briefly mention Brother Tomas Colin and his
family in Ocampo who are doing an excellent job. The Ocampo congregation is very active and has a number of young families. Their building is filled to capacity on Sunday mornings and overflows with the Spirit of Christ and His Love.

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