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Mexico Mission April 2009

Wally White


With this being my first trip out of the US everything was a new experience for me.  I must say that it was a great experience.  From learning to preach with a translator to interacting with people of another culture was a great memory.  We were able to spend most days site seeing and the evenings in worship.  I was very impressed with the turn out of the members of the local congregations.  All of the people we met were very pleasant. 

The first full day there we walked around the Plaza at Moreleon.  That night we got to church a little early and visited with Brother Roberto and Brother Martin.  We also got to meet Brother Lorenzo.  Church started at 7pm and Jeff and I were both asked to lead a song.  That in itself was an experience.  They asked us to lead it in English while the congregation sang the song in Spanish.  We were also trying to lead from a Spanish song book.  Dad preached that night with Brother Roberto translating.  After church we had a meal and were able to visit with all the members and get to know them better.  I think Roberto and Martin both got a lot of practice translating for us.

The next night I preached in Moreleon and Martin translated for me.  He did a great job.  And for it being my first time I was told I did well.  I learned that there are some words in English that donít translate across very well.  So from that point I really had to use words that would translate across to Spanish.  And after church we had a meal again with the members.  I also preached at Morelia South on Friday night and on Sunday morning Dad and I went to Salamanca and both of us preached there that morning.  At Morelia South Brother Roberto translated for me and Brother Javier translated for us at Salamanca.  Dad and I ate lunch with Brother Javier and his son in-law Pancho Sunday in Salamanca.  We left Moreleon on Monday and went up to Ocampo with Brother Roberto.  Jeff and Dad preached Monday night and on Tuesday night I preached.  Roberto translated both nights for us in Ocampo. 

In all the congregations we visited the members were all very warm and welcoming.  They truly seemed to enjoy our being there and any opportunity to meet together and worship.  As I mentioned before it was all a truly great learning experience.  Even with the language barrier we were all able to communicate.  We tried to learn as much Spanish as we could and the members there seemed to try and learn English too.

I consider us all to have been very lucky to have Brothers Roberto and Martin there.  They both took time out of their busy schedules to be there to help us.  Roberto would spend most days with us taking us around and translating for us and Martin helped translate for us with the members.  Without them and their help we really would have had a hard time during our stay there.  Martin and his family even took time to drive up to Ocampo to see us on our final night there.  I look forward to having the opportunity to return to Mexico in the future.  There is so much work that can be done down there.  I was very impressed with the fact that the congregations down there truly tried to help as many people as they could.



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